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Spring is here!  Now is the time to prepare your lawn and garden for new growth.  We have all the products you need to care for gardens, raised beds, potted plants, succulents, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, trees and lawns. 

Garden bounty starts with good rich soil.  Gardner & Bloome Organics have the proven organic soils and organic fertilizers to turn your vision into reality.  

The right tools for the job can help save a lot of time and money making a bountiful garden.  Find the best Fiskars and Corona garden tools including pruning shears and loppers, rakes, hoes and shovels at Moraga Hardware & Lumber.  

Prepare your garden for spring with some winter clean up. Here are some tips from Fiskars to make your garden update quick and simple.

Tip 1: Prepare your hardy vegetable, fruit, and herb plants by trimming old, dead growth, weak stems, branches, and diseased leaves.

 Tip 2:  Take care of those large, overgrown spots with Fiskars clearing tools. The diversity in the set of clearing tools is helpful when you need to trim back old brush around the yard or clear tall grasses to rebuild a path. These tools are designed to work with one hand, leaving your other hand free to grab and pile cuttings.

Tip 3: Keep your trees healthy with trimming. Remove any damaged or diseased branches from the winter, making sure that no more than 25% of the tree's branches are removed. 

Tip 4: Prune your favorite springtime flowering plants and shrubs to encourage new growth this season. You'll want to cut just above existing branches, at a 45-degree angle. Keep in mind, each cut will typically stimulate two new growths just below the cut; this is why pruning in late winter to early spring is perfect for kick starting your plant's growth.

Tip 5: Move indoor plants outdoors, or begin planting seeds for the upcoming growing season. 
 With the right tools, it's easy for any beginner gardener to feel like a professional gardener.

 Adopting these tips will help you make any job a quick and enjoyable one!   We are ready to help make your garden ready for a fabulous Moraga growing season!

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